• A Handmade Ritual Apothecary

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A Handmade Ritual Apothecary

Dried herb & floral blends selected based on traditional magical herbalism

Delicate gemstones help cleanse & convert energy

Need help picking a fragrance?

We love the planet

— Relaxing Bath Soaks —

— Luxurious Skin Creams —

— Cleansing Intention Candles —

— Purifying Room Sprays —

— Signature Fragrance Oils —

— Bath Tea Spell Vials —

Curated Artisan Textiles & Goods

OuroHermetica offers a curated selection of ethically-sourced, artisan-made items that support makers and each of their diverse communities. As a constantly evolving planet, we will be continuously updating our stock to reflect the makers own worlds as they grow and change.  Thank you for helping us support our goal of achieving a locally supportive global community.

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