Fragrance Selection Guide


Fresh and clean, reminiscent of a sunny spring day, this gorgeous fragrance invokes the golden goddess energy of Isis. If your desire is for an ageless and confidently powerful energy, this is the spell for you. A blend of white tea, oak moss, lavender, and amber, Isis also carries light hints of jasmine.

Use this fragrance to manifest a youthful energy, peaceful love, and a golden inner-light that will bring confidence. 

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Anubis Fragrance Collection

Warm, dark, and strong, this scent will bring you a feeling of protection almost  immediately.  Frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood, and hints of leather blend together in this spicy, sexy fragrance that will imbue your spirit and space with the protective energy of Anubis.

Use this fragrance to release and cleanse negative energy and emotions (especially as related to loss), and to manifest protection.

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Aphrodite Fragrance Collection

This bright blend of sweet tea rose and fresh citrus-y orange will instantly bring a joyful energy to any body or space.  If cleansing and bringing light into your heart is your goal, Aphrodite is the goddess to ask for help.

Use this fragrance to manifest a joyful heart, to attract a high-vibrational love from others or oneself, and to bring a general feeling of happiness.

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Shu Fragrance Collection

An incredibly calming combination of lavender, white sage, oak moss, amber, and chamomile. Smooth and floral Whether in search of stress-relief at at work or a need for deep relaxation at home, this luxurious blend will leave you feeling tranquil. 

Use this fragrance to manifest a feeling of deep calm, invite a night of restful and recharging sleep, and to bring good dreams.

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Thoth Fragrance Collection

This dry, woody blend smells like an old library filled with long-forgotten knowledge waiting to be rediscovered. Vetiver, cedar, and smokey sandalwood combine with a dark musk for a soothing fragrance.  

Use this fragrance to strengthen intuition, help the mind focus, and to bring wisdom to any studies or work.

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Osiris Fragrance Collection

This is high-vibrational blend that is invigorating and calming, all in one. An unexpected blend of patchouli, hemp, and cypress this fragrance is smooth but sharp, bright and green, very foresty and fresh.   

Use this fragrance to manifest an abundant "harvest", and to create a purified space for transformation and renewal.

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