Magical Properties of Our Anubis Blend


Oh, Anubis.

How I love to love you.


If you've had the opportunity to experience this blend, you know what I'm saying. It's warm and inviting, comforting, spicy yet powdery, and it just scoops you up in its strong arms to protect and soothe. One of my friends - also a loyal customer EXCLUSIVELY of Anubis products - had this review to give once:

Screenshot of a text exchange - from text reads "Anubis smells like leather and cookies lmao" - reply text reads "Cookies??!! OMG crying laughing emoji But okay! I'll take it! Cookies ... I'm dying" - from text reads "It's like if a leather daddy owned a bakery"(permission granted to share this private convo, of course)

But why does it smell the way it smells? ‚ÄĒ And what can this blend bring to you?

Let's dig into the notes & each of their meanings & when this should be the blend for which you reach.

We start with frankincense and myrrh
.  I'll talk about these two together here because - MY GODS - they are always together for a reason. Historically speaking, they have been paired together through the centuries, regions, and religions. Not only do they smell amazing together, but their properties also pair incredibly well... one may say they are a magical combination.

Medically speaking, frankincense is wonderful for skin.  It can help to soften and moisturize dry skin, reduce and/or slow signs of aging, help to heal minor wounds and prevent scarring. Myrrh is also a healing oil - specifically for respiratory and digestive issues. Together, HEALING ABOUNDS both from a topical perspective and an aromatherapy one.

From a historical stance, both have been used by ancient pagans as ceremonial incense in Persia, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. They were used in funerary rights in ancient Egypt - a nod to our patron deity Anubis, one of the gods associated with the afterlife, and are powerful to help one cope with loss. But that doesn't mean it's magic is limited to that realm at all, though! Myrrh is a favorite offering for Ra, Isis, Adonis, Poseidon, Neptune, and many other deities, and is associated with the astrological sign Cancer, while Frankincense is associated with Aries/Leo. 

Together these fragrances bring feelings of tranquility & serenity, promote healing from a feeling of loss, & strengthen ones connection to their own "guide". Cancer lends its shell for defense, Aries its fieriness & Leo its bold protection.

Close up photograph of cedar wood with text overlaid identifying it as "cedar wood"

Our next note is cedarwood
. Warm, quintessentially woody, unmistakable cedarwood. Everyone is familiar with the warm smell of cedar, perhaps from a cedar chest in their childhood or a piece of scrap from any woodworkers shop. Reminiscent of the deep woods, this fragrance always brings me back to some deep, safe place.

As a medicinal oil, cedarwood is both antibacterial and antiseptic, and it can soothe inflammation and itchy skin. It is beneficial in fighting acne and dermatitis, and is great for oily skin - an ideal addition to any skincare routine.

In aromatherapy cedar is believed to induce the release of serotonin, which in turn is converted to melatonin, which promotes calm. Also tied to restorative sleep, this fragrance is perfect for anyone experiencing heightened stress, chronic anxiety, and depression.

Cedar also stands the test of time and transverses the globe as a magical ingredient. Again, we find it in Persia, Babylonia, Egypt, and Rome. The Celts were also quite fond of cedar, and often used it to make ceremonial pieces, and it is used in Hoodoo and Native practices in the Americas as well. Believed to bring strength and protection, this purifying wood also grants luck to its carrier/wearer. Cedar is associated with Aries, a fire sign.

Overall, this oil brings calm & healing from depression, Aries once again brings its fiery protection, this time with the incredibly grounding & strengthening qualities of all wood oils.

One of the lesser notes in our blend is sandalwood - believed to stimulate the pineal gland, inspiring a more receptive state for receiving inspiration and channeling the words to bring about change in ones life. It is fantastic for moisturizing skin and prevents a number of skin conditions such as acne and inflammation, and encourages wound healing while discouraging scars. Sandalwood is associated with Cancer and Leo - water and fire signs, respectively.

This oil brings with it a defensive quality with a bold confidence in addition to opening the channels required for change to be made.

Other minor notes consist of: bergamot for success; oud for it's ability to remove negative energy and help one connect with their third eye; amber for protection and purification. To the nose it has light traces of a soft leather and can have a powdery breath to it. 

This blend is a winner with men and women alike, although it does veer towards the more "masculine" end of the fragrance scale. Gift this to your loved ones who liked Old Spice in the 80's, love the smell of church around Christmas, and respond well to non-floral scents.

When is this blend best for me? What will it help me manifest?
Quick answer? Anytime you want to release something, cLeanne negative energy & manifest protection.

That, or just feel like a super strong badass. Anubis is a perfect blend of resin and wood fragrances that grounds you in an earthy hug, cleansing away negativity and healing old hurts while manifesting a wonderfully powerful blanket of protective energy around you. Great for use in the home to banish bad vibes and ensure that they stay away! Wonderful to wear when you need to feel safe and guarded.


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