Magical Properties of Our Isis Blend

[HERO]  Isis, my golden goddess, the eternal beauty
Where to begin with our Isis blend...
This drop dead gorgeous fragrance is a popular choice for many reasons. It's light, fresh, clean, and ageless. Like Isis herself this fragrance brings a light and joyful youthfulness with it. The elegant white tea hits first with a hint of lavender shining through, while the slightly earthy oak moss and the rich amber help to round out the fragrance.
    But why does it smell the way it smells? -- And what can this blend bring to you?
    Let's dig into the notes & each of their meanings & when this should be the blend for which you reach.


    We start this blend with a white tea fragrance oil. In the world of tea, white tea is the least processed and because of this, it retains a high amount of antioxidents. Made from the youngest buds and leaves, the origins of this tea trace back to China and an ancient "tea tax" that resulted in the great cultivation of various prized (and hidden) tea gardens. When brewed and drank, it can help with heart health, combat skin aging, treat acne, and boost ones memory and energy. It is antibacterial as well, making it a very powerful little leaf. With its low caffeine it is stimulating while not overly so, bringing with it a bright and energetic vibration.

    Unfortunately, white tea leaves themselves are such delicate babies with equally underdeveloped  cannot be made into an essential oil -- *le sigh* -- and so we must rely on other oils to recreate it. White tea itself has been described as delicate, grassy, mild, floral, subtle, and even sweet - emphasis clearly on the "lite" aspect of this fragrance - and, so, the most common oils to replicate it are also. 

    Helping this blend match its incredibly delicate inspiration we find jasmine - another youthful flower known for it's anti-aging benefits, adding to the agelessly youthful feeling of this blend. Associated with purity and grace, and aligns well with both spiritual and sensual magical work, this element matches Isis perfectly.

    Another subnote within this white tea nesting doll blend is bergamot. Associated with both the elements of air and water, it has simultaneously uplifting and calming energies. This light citrus hint brings a brightness to the scent, and many magical attributes, only two of which are peace and confidence - again, showing our girl Isis the true honor she deserves.

    One last influential note in this fragrance is crysanthemum. Associated with the sun, and thus the element of fire, it was worn in garlands by the ancient Greeks to repel evil spirits and offer protection. This floral brings in a slightly green and grassy breath that is very uplifting and energizing.

    Overall, white tea brings to this blend protection from negativity, a strong but calm confidence, and an ability to bring about peace.  It's association with water, fire, and air will help promote energy and movement. 

    [oakmoss and amber]


    Oakmoss comes gently but firmly in as our next note, bringing a little bit of weight to the lightness of the white tea. It is a very earthy smell, like the deep forest floor, and can help someone find grounding. From a medicinal standpoint, this bountiful botanical is an antibiotic that works well treating lung issues - most specifically tuberculosis, is known for it's antiseptic abilities, and it is easily found in many woods in the northern hemisphere. As lichen play such an important role in keeping the earths air clean, this scent brings along with it a feeling of cleanliness and a lighter breath. Magically it is used in spells for protection, strength, and prosperity. Associated with the astrological sign of Taurus, this really is the "earthiest" of earthy ingredients - from scent to stars.

    This oil will help with grounding in an otherwise very light and airy fragrance. As a Taurus ruled botanical it is also protective, and will bring a powerful feeling to those who experience it.

    Amber is another of our "heavier" notes in this blend. This gorgeously round, full scent again helps ground Isis a bit as the white tea has us floating high in the clean air. In this blend, amber helps to clear the mind, allowing the boost in mental activity granted by the white tea to work with less resistance. In aromatherapy amber is commonly used to increase circulation and treat respiratory illnesses. It may also stimulate the libido, leading the wearer to feel they are a powerful agent in their own sexuality - indeed, Isis would be proud!

    A strong brain-booster this sexy-smelling oil will get blood and thoughts alike moving more smoothly and with more alacrity. This golden scent reflects the golden goddess elegantly.


    On the lighter end of our influences on this fragrance we find lavender. Both from the perspective of medicine and aromatherapy, lavender is great for reducing stressrelieving pain and improving blood circulation. We see the theme of circulation recurring in this blend - as Isis is the mother goddess, the life giver, this is perfect! Lavender is also known for it's calming qualities, and with this as an undercurrent in our Isis blend, Isis has yet another tool at her disposal to help you feel in control of yourself and your fate. Historically speaking, lavender has been used by many cultures across time. In ancient Egypt lavender was used in the mummification process.
    This oil brings with it a defensive quality with a bold confidence in addition to opening the channels required for change to be made.


    [Summary on fragrance]

    When is this blend best for me? What will it help me manifest?
    Quick answer? Anytime you want to manifest confidence, peace, and protection.


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