The Libra/Aries eclipse cycle hit Rebecca hard, friends, and she is in desperate need of support now. On March 23rd, her partner of almost 8 years left very unexpectedly to deal with personal issues. This has left Rebecca without 50% of the household financial needs. Two days later, with just as little notice, her elderly father came to stay with her. Then, a week later, her grandfather (her father’s father) passed away — at age 98, it was still an unexpected shock to the family. Both emotionally and financially rocked, she needs help to get back on her feet, pay the debts her partner left to ensure she can retain housing for herself and her father, and prepare for the 2024 event cycle.

For those who would like to give directly, please feel free to send support to the following cash apps:

Venmo - @rebeccaguenther

Zelle - Rebecca Guenther (email: m5a1@hotmail.com)

Paypal - @ourohermetica

Thank you all for your ongoing love and support for OuroHermetica. With your help we will be out at all the events this summer, ready to offer sniffs and magical interactions! 💗

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