Loose Ritual Incense - Focus + Intuition + Wisdom

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Magical herbs, botanicals, and resins are combined to create these beautiful incenses. Burn to cleanse and bless your space, during meditation, or simply to enjoy the fragrances! These lovely glass vials, corked and sealed with wax, making a nice addition to any altar.

This blend of vetiver, benzoin, sage, rosemary, eyebright, and copal is dry and woody, reminiscent of the deep woods.
Burn this when you want to manifest focus, to heighten your intuition, or to bring wisdom to any situation.
To use: Light a charcoal tablet and set into sand-filled cauldron, waiting until the tablet is fully smoldering. Then, sprinkle incense onto hot tablet as much as you’d like and let the smoke cleanse your space and create an intentional energy.

Safety reminder: please be sure to burn safely in a proper incense container. Never leave fire, hot charcoal, burning/smouldering herbs or resins unattended.