Prosperity* Ritual Bath Tea

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This spell vial was created with the intention of Prosperity. It contains loose leaf botanicals, as well as herbs and florals bundled together and dried. Place on your altar or slip into your work-bag, or use as a bath tea ritual - whatever your tradition this item will fit right in.

To use as a bath tea, break open the wax seal and fill herb bag with herbs in vial. Boil water and steep the herb bag for 30 minutes. Separate the tea into 3 parts setting two aside for the second and third day of the ritual. Before bathing, take a cleansing shower using your soap to not only cleanse your body and prepare for the bath, but also begin setting your intent. Imagine washing away anything that has been preventing you from reaching your goals. Once you are showered, draw your bath - consider adding one of our Ritual Bath Soaks to bring an added luxury to your ritual. When the tub is full to your desired level, pour in part of your day one portion of the tea keeping some aside to pour over yourself later. Now, take your bath! Meditate and envision your path opening up before you with ease. Anoint your body with the remaining tea and say your chosen blessing. When done with the bath, collect some of the water in your vial before draining the tub. Repeat this process for 2 more nights. (Note: if you don’t have a bath or the ability or time to take a bath, this ritual will work in the shower. Simply follow the same steps. However, try to set aside the time for this ritual - part of allowing the universe to open for oneself is allowing oneself the time to create this possibility).

*this item is a curio and offers no promises to produce love, luck, or any change of fate for anyone choosing to purchase or follow this ritual. This is a blend of herbs whose magical meanings historically have meant to bring and enhance prosperity.