Magical Properties of Our Thoth Blend




Listen, as a Libra* and so feeling very connected to Ma'at**, I likewise feel married to her husband, Thoth.

*(represented by the scales, obsessive about fairness)
**(goddess and representative of divine balance)

The scribe god of magic and the moon, he was also known for his knowledge -- later in Greece he is associated with their god Hermes, and has an area of the city dedicated to him called Hermopolis. ūüėČ
Suffice it to say that he's very smart and very in touch with "the other side", so to speak.
Everything about this fragrance is in his honor -  from the magical qualities of the inner elements of the blend all of the way out to the final scent with it's reminiscence of a library warmed by well-stocked fireplace

So, why does it smell the way it smells? -- And what can this blend bring to you?

Let's dig into the notes & each of their meanings & when this should be the blend for which you reach.



First up in this absolute dream of a fragrance is Vetiver. Deep and woody like a shady forest floor, vetiver is a gorgeously natural scent. A deep-rooted wild grass originating in the region around northern India, this plant is immensely helpful in preventing soil erosion and has long been used in natural landscaping to lower the risks of landslide. It's powerful roots can also help to reduce nitrates, phosphates, and heavy metals in water by being used in irrigation systems. In addition to it's usefulness in nature, it has many uses in the home -- from repelling pests to promoting restful sleep. As an essential oil, vetiver has been used since ancient Babylon as a popular ingredient in perfumes as it also makes for a great fixative.

Vetiver has historically been linked with the Greek Hermes, of whom the Egyptian god Thoth was a direct precursor. Being associated with merchants and thieves alike, it can be added to charms to help draw or protect ones money. Likewise, as vetiver itself repels pests, it may be used magically to repel unwanted energies and break hexes, and in purification rituals. As an Earthy botanical, it is also very useful in grounding and finding balance or inspiring harmony. Perhaps most importantly to our needs in this intentional fragrance spell blend is its powerful divination abilities; Vetiver will open the third eye and bring things into focus.



Joining this already very nature-y blend is sandalwood. A very dry wood fragrance, this note definitely aligns with vetiver to bring the forest-feel into this scent. Sandalwood is a notoriously protective wood and considered vibrationally high, which is ideal for devotional work and meditation, and is greatly effective when used in all chakra work to help unblock and move energy along. Corresponding with the Moon and Water, this is brings with it a calming and relaxing quality that can further aide in visualization practices. Sandalwood also helps to open the third eye and is considered to be useful in astral projection. Certainly, this woody note brings us closer to our fragrance intent.

Next up in our blend is cedarwood, a popular favorite that is also found in our Anubis blend, cedar is associated with male deities, money, love as well as repelling pests and negative energy -- qualities it shares with vetiver. An amplifier of psychic abilities, this fragrance is ideal when used in meditation and spiritual work. Being aligned with the Earth, cedarwood also brings grounding wisdom to our blend.

Rounding out our Thoth blend is amyris -- another gorgeous woody scent. Associated with the planet Jupiter and therefore powerful in prosperity, love, and attraction spells, this plant is useful medicinally as an antiseptic, and also as a muscle relaxant and calming sedative. It helps activate the third eye, increasing creativity and inspiring balance between ones mind and emotions, and is another great herb for meditation and astral projection.
When is this blend best for me? What will it help me manifest?
Quick answer? Anytime you want to focus -- be it on school work or spiritual work, this blend will bring you calm as it helps to open your third eye while working to root and balance any inner turmoil.


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